The Pick is in…OL Tommy Doyle Scouting Report

Tommy Doyle, a five-year member of the Miami University football program, was selected in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills. (Miami Univ Athletics)

Written by Greg Boucher

Position: Tackle
Height: 6’8
Weight: 320lbs
School: Miami Ohio

Doyle is another immense prospect drafted by Beane in this class, he has the elite height and length desired of an NFL tackle and while he is massive, he is not slow and lumbering, he has light feet and decent mobility. While his technique and footwork in pass pro are still a work in progress Doyle has shown the skill set to develop into a decent tackle. He can mirror speed on the edge and use his long reach to wash them off, pushing them beyond the QB. In the run game Doyle is much further along, he has a nasty streak, he will unleash his size and collapse the edge opening up wide running lanes, washing ends down into tackles. When climbing to the second level his has the foot work to navigate and get into position to wall off or drivee LBs out of the box. He is a good finisher when everything is done right, he will squat and roll his sips up through a block and upend a defender. Aside from his physical tools, Doyle come to the Bills with experience and versatility, he has started multiple games at both left and right tackle positions, which should give the Bills options as they find a place best suited for 3rd rd pick Spencer Brown.

While Doyle has a lot of enticing skills his drawback is his poor technique, Doyle plays with a perpetual forward lean that is evidenced in his blocking. While he has great length, he does not always use it to his advantage, rushers are often able to slip under his arms and get into his body moving him back into the QB collapsing the edge. Despite his athleticism he has issues handling speed rushers, his reaction is slow and leaves him in bad position, reaching and leaning for a defender as they take the edge from him. While he is an aggressive run blocker he often arrives wildly, and is easily discarded, he fails to arrive under control, keeping his balance all the way through the block. Doyle is raw, and though he is experienced having played 4 years at Miami Ohio he has yet to correct his technical issues, perhaps he did not get the correct coaching or perhaps he is unable to break bad habits.

Bottom Line

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bills are clearly looking to add size, speed and athleticism to their offensive line, as they make two consecutive picks of players with the same intangibles. Doyle has tremendous potential in his size and length but he may become a long-term project whose technical limitations may keep him as a backup/ depth option rather than a starting NFL tackle.

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