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Could this season be any crazier you ask? The answer is a resounding yes.  The Bills have come out in the opening quarter of the season on a roll, posting a tie for

the league lead with a 4-0 record. My prediction was as close as ever last week when I anticipated the Bills would win 31-24. They won the game 30-23. As if the

start of the season couldn’t be any more bananas, due to the Titans having at the time, 20 members of their team test positive for the covid-19 virus, their game

against the Steelers has been moved to later this month. After two straight days of no positive tests, the game against the Bills looked to be on pace. Now, however

two more players have tested positive and the game could now be in jeopardy. As reported earlier, there was photo and video evidence of the Titans violating the

NFL rule that they are not to gather or practice until the virus cleared up. Due to that violation, the NFL may force the Titans to forfeit their game against the Bills.

For me, I hope that is not the case. So I will take what looks to be a hypothetical look at how the game could play out if allowed this Sunday. Though the Titans

played in the AFC Championship game this past season, the Bills look to be the better team this year. Boasting one of the league’s best offenses this year, the Bills

don’t seem to be slowing down at all. As a matter of fact, it seems to be getting better by the week and the defense looks better as well as they slowed down a

fairly efficient Raiders offense last week. Ryan Tannehill is a far more mobile quarterback than Derek Carr but that’s nothing that the Bills defense isn’t used to with

practicing against Josh Allen every week. Derek Henry on the other hand is simply a monster. He’s as versatile as they come with a rare combination of power and

speed. Will the Bills defense be up to the task of stopping Henry? It looks promising after the Bills held Josh Jacobs to 48 rushing yards last week. The real

question is can the Titans slow down the Bills offensively and I just don’t believe they can. The groove that Allen is in with literally every one of the weapons he has

at his disposal won’t be stopped this week. Devin Singletary has even been more involved and looks to be hitting his stride as well. Right now, this offense won’t be

stopped. This should be a very entertaining game as the Titans are no slouch themselves. However I have the Bills taking the road win here 35-20.

Let’s just hope the Bills get to play this Sunday.

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