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Micah Hyde to free agents: “This is the new Buffalo, this is the Josh Allen Buffalo”

Buffalo Bills safety Micah Hyde is using his quarterback as a way to recruit free agents. This isn’t the same old Buffalo, it’s the new, winning Buffalo.

“That’s kind of the pitch I have to free agents; yeah, it’s going to snow, but this isn’t the old Buffalo, this is the new Buffalo, this is the Josh Allen Buffalo,” Hyde said to Sirius XM NFL Radio.

“We’re winning ballgames, scoring points, and playing well on defense. I’m excited to see what Beane and Sean are able to do with some free agents.”

“There is nothing like it,” Hyde said of winning in Buffalo. “I was winning in Green Bay. Obviously, that was fun. It was a blast. We had a hell of a time. But winning in Buffalo is totally different. The whole city is on fire.”

Hyde signed a new deal last week that will keep him in Buffalo for the next couple seasons. During his press conference, he talked about prior years in free agency.

“They’re going on visits and I’d be like, ‘Hey man, come to Buffalo.’ They’d be like, ‘I’m cool. I’m gonna go somewhere else,’” Hyde said. “Well you know what? At the end of the day I bet they’re pretty pissed off they didn’t take those visits to Buffalo. Now they’re probably sitting on their trash team or sitting on the couch somewhere else because they didn’t come to Buffalo.”

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