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Dawkins to BillsMafia: “Y’all helped build the culture that bridged us to this era of winning football”

Buffalo Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins wrote his second letter to BillsMafia in the Players Tribune.

Dawkins starts off by putting the season in perspective:

“People are hurting. People are sick….. their loved ones are sick…… they’re losing their jobs, their homes.…. they’re struggling to put food on the table. They’re trying to stay alive.

And Buffalo’s been down and out as bad as anyone.

And I guess what I just want to say here, more than anything…. it’s that we play for this city — but we belong to this community. And we’re going to keep on doing our part for it, y’all can bet on that. We’ve got y’all’s backs like y’all have had ours.

We’re going to keep on taking care of each other.”

On Diggs:

Me-first guy. Not a team player. Diva. Cancer. Ball hog. Selfish. 

We all heard the same sh*t. We knew what was out there.

But we also knew we had a culture in place where it wouldn’t be a problem. For us, it was like — if he’s a diva?? Well, then, he’s about to be all alone on Diva Island. And if he’s cool? Then, cool, he’ll fit right in.

Turns out……. Stefon is more than cool.

He’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had.”

On his quarterback Josh Allen:

 “This ain’t a new guy — it’s just an evolution of the old guy. It’s just that Next Step in the come-up. It’s the Elite Step. It’s the All-Pro Step. It’s the Big Money Step.

Last year for Josh, I think, was about confirming for himself all the things he can physically do on a football field. It was like he was experimenting with the entire toolbox — and every game, almost in real time, you could see him learning more and more about what he’s capable of.”

He also said JA is the MVP.

On the Mafia:

“Like on one hand you have the Mafia, and the way y’all have STOOD BY US, and the way y’all have given us an identity, even when we were piling up L’s. Y’all helped build the culture that bridged us to this era of winning football. And then on the other hand, you have this season’s Bills team, and — y’all, I say this as humbly as possible — I feel like maybe we’ve helped inject a small amount of joy into this terrible year. I feel like….. man, I feel like Buffalo maybe even carries itself a little different when we’re winning. Like it just holds its head up a little higher or something. Like we thrive together, you know?? 

And it means a lot.

So that’s pretty much where I’m at right now.

I won’t sit here and act like I know what the future holds. Won’t claim to know how the playoffs or the world is about to shake out over the next while.

But I love this city, man. 

And as far as this football team goes….. let’s just say we’ve got one thing on our mind.

It ain’t losing.”

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