Bills should stay the course at running back


The Buffalo Bills had one of the most prolific passing games in the NFL last season.

Their running game, another story. The Bills ranked 20th in rush yards per game at 107.7, according to NFL stats.

Since the beginning of the offseason, Bills fans are clamoring for a first round running back. While I would love the speed of a Travis Etienne or the elusiveness of a Najee Harris, the Bills should just stay the course at running back.

Running the football is not who the Bills are. High percentage passing attack is their identity. The only thing Brian Daboll has to do with the run game is be more efficient.

I’m perfectly fine staying with Devin Singletary and Zach Moss.

Take a look at what GM Brandon Beane said at his season ending press conference in response to a question about the run game.

“I think it’s so unfair to look at the running backs to point blame on the running game,” he said. “Running the football is very complex and it’s obviously the o-line, it’s the tight ends, it’s the receivers and if one guy doesn’t make his block the play’s probably dead.”

Does that mean making a change at running back is certain? The Bills have two third round picks invested in running backs. I believe both of them are talented and can get the job done.

“And so, there were times this year where we’re one guy away, and whether it’s a tight end or whether it was a lineman, it’s a big gainer and you’re going, ‘Gosh, if we just get this guy blocked.’ We had that at times. I’m not saying there’s no blame – sometimes the running back missed the hole – but it’s one of those things you got to practice, you got to emphasize and you got to work on it and that’s something that we’ll definitely look at.”

Beane knows better than anyone that this offense is not a running offense. They throw the football. Running it more efficiently? That’s better than drafting someone in the first round with the idea of increased carries.

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